Finding a dog groomer in Leicestershire

April 18, 2020
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How to find a dog groomer in Leicestershire

Finding a dog groomer in Leicestershire may sound like a simple task but with a new groomer popping up every few months, you need to decide on the best groomer for your dog.  Ideally one that you will stay with all your dog’s life to ensure they have a great bond with their groomer. Here’s some handy hints to help you find the dog groomer for you

Where to look for a dog groomer in Leicestershire?The Dog House Leicester dog groomer

Most people start online.  It’s a great way to see a businesses website so you can read a bit of information about them.  Whilst your online, it’s always worth checking out the reviews.  This will give you an idea of what their clients are saying about them.

What if I want to stay with my dog whilst it’s being groomed?

Ask if it’s possible, some groomers say yes and others would prefer you not to be there.  Some dogs are better when they are left with the groomer.  We often have people stay for a few minutes then are way too tempted by the coffee and cake over in the farm shop (we don’t blame them – its absolutely delicious)

Will the dog grooming salon be full of other dogs?

This is absolutely worth asking when you call to book your dog in.  Some salons are very big and therefore can be quite busy with a lot of dogs.  If your dog is nervous or reactive it can be worth looking at smaller salons that offer a 1-1 package or salon exclusivity.

Can I go for a look around first?Dog groomer Leicestershire

We can’t answer this for all salons.  However, at The Dog House Leicester you are more than welcome to come and look around first.  In fact we encourage it.  Each of our clients is invited to come along with their dog to a full CANINE consultation where you and your dog can meet The Dog House team and discuss all of your needs.

What qualifications do I need to see from a groomer?

Surprisingly, none!  It’s not a necessity for a dog groomer…yet.  Some of the best dog groomers out there have years of experience but no formal qualifications.  Likewise, a groomer fresh out of college may no have the experience under their belt.  At The Dog House Leicester we both did an in salon training course.  We both have our First Aid Qualification which we renew every 3 years and are always investing in continues professional development.

What about insurance?

This is well worth a check – all dog groomers should be insured.  We have employer liability insurance as well a public liability.

Will I have to leave my dog all day?Finding a dog groomer in Leicestershire

Different dog grooming salons in Leicester offer different grooming packages that include day care as well.  As we’re just a small salon with a small team it’s not something we plan on offering for now.  The dogs that come to us to be groomed are given a collection time, most grooms are usually a couple of hours.

I have a puppy, when should I be looking for a dog groomer in Leicester?

The perfect time to look for a groomer for your puppy would be before it even arrives.  Sounds daft doesn’t it?  But most groomers have a waiting list and you’ll be wanting to be getting your puppy to the groomers for desensitisation as soon as they’re allowed out of the house.  The Dog House Leicester have a 6 week Puppy Pamper Package where you can bring your puppy along to us for them to experience all the sights and sounds of the salon.

Puppy grooming Leicester

You see, choosing a dog groomer in Leicester isn’t quite a simple as it seems!  If you’d like to book a consultation (currently online during Covid 19) then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 07467 394567 or

The Dog House was established in 2017 by Anna Pollard and Selina West.

After meeting via a training salon and a few tipsy nights out it seem that going into business together was inevitable!

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