Your Crufts 2022 Survival Guide

February 24, 2022
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Your must-have Crufts survival guide

It is nearly here, Crufts 2022 and I am so unbelievably excited as I haven’t been for a couple of years.  This year I’ll be there on Friday 11th March on the Kids Around Dogs stand, talking all things dogs and children with the lovely Debby Lucken, Kids Around Dogs founder.

Crufts is the World’s biggest dog show and it’s on our doorstep…well at the N.E.C which really isn’t far!

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Irish Wolfhound isolated on a white background

It runs from Thursday 10th March to Sunday 13th March, with the Best in Show being presented on the Sunday evening. It’s quite literally heaven for dog lovers, there is so much to see from the Main Arena showing and displays, agility, fly ball, heelwork to music and much more then there’s Discover Dogs where you can find out about different breeds and meet some of them. Scruffts, the nations favourite crossbreed competition will also have heats at Crufts and of course, not forgetting the Kennel Club Hero Dog award, which always makes me cry.

That’s before you even looked at the stalls and shopped until you’ve dropped. If you haven’t been to Crufts before then here is your survival guide, to give you a head start on what to expect.

1. Be comfortable

You will walk a lot, make sure that you are comfortable.  It’s not a fashion show (I sound like my Mum now!)  there’s nothing worse than trying to leg down to the main arena to catch your favourite display with raging blisters because you chose those wrong shoes.  Wear thin layers too, if you need to take some off then they take up less room so there’s more room for shopping!  Leave the beautiful smart outfits to the competitors who look as fabulous as their dogs.

 2. Stay fed and watered

Take plenty of water, you’ll be parched with all of those steps.  Also can’t beat a Crufts carpet picnic, take plenty of snacks then you can shop and eat (face masks permitting this year).  If you’re queuing for food you’re wasting precious shopping time!

3. Get a shopping trolley

You know those people that you get annoyed behind in town because they walk so slowly with their shopping trolleys….they’re all at Crufts.  If you can’t beat them, join them!  Take your own otherwise you’ll end up with arms like Mr Tickle by the time you’ve walked back to your car too.

Beautiful Afghan hounds will be strutting their stuff on the green carpet at Crufts

4. Do your research

Make sure you know what day you’re going on and what to expect on the day, there’s different breeds groups on each day.  I’m going on Terrier & Hound Day!  If you have a plan of what you want to see in the Main Arena and stalls you want to visit in all of the different halls you’re more likely to get around it all.

5. Be kind

Everyone is excited to be at Crufts, the stall holders have had such a difficult couple of years and everyone will be buzzing.  Don’t forget your manners, they cost nothing!

6. Remember where you’ve parked your car!

Make a note on the car park your in, tie something to your ariel, make your car easy to find!  No one wants to be the plonker who’s still searching for their car at 10pm with arms full of shopping and a short fuse!

Of course a beautiful West Highland White Terrier won Crufts back in 2016 (not this one though!)

Lastly, enjoy it!  Crufts is a fabulous show with so many amazing dogs and humans.  Most of all if you see us, come and say Hello.  Also a massive good luck to our friends, colleagues and customers who are in displays, competing in Agility and the show ring.

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