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The Dog House De-Shed 

This is the perfect package to de-shed and freshen up, getting rid of dead hair and making your dog feel a million dollars again!

A luxury bath in a shampoo specially selected to complement their coat and nourish their skin, promoting a healthy shine that’s worthy of Crufts!

A great option for Labradors, German Shepherds, Pomeranians and Huskys.  Recommended every 8 – 10 weeks

The Dog House Bath and Brush

Our bath and brush package is the answer to all of your coat maintenance prayers! this can supplement your regular grooming schedule or can be a one off for those super low maintenance breeds that just get a bit smelly from time to time. 

Let us take the hassle out of bathing the dog for you!

This is perfect for short haired breeds – bulldogs (French, English, American and so on!), Smooth Haired Hungarian Vizsla’s, Working Cocker Spaniels, Dalmations and terriers  recommended every 10 -12 weeks

It’s the best maintenance for in between grooms for any curly coated breed recommended on the 3nd or 3rd week in between their full groom

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Time for a full groom?  This is perfect for any breed that is high maintenance and needs regular clipping.

Designed for those with lovely curls who need a little more attention to keep them well maintained and knot-free.

A luxury bath in specially selected shampoo, spritzed with a conditioning de-tangling spray before drying, clipping and scissoring into a style that fits perfectly with your busy lifestyle and doggy adventures.

Perfect for all the doodles and poo’s but also a great option for all breeds of spaniel

The Dog House Hand Strip

Handstripping is a special technique where dead coat is removed by hand to make room for new coat growth, it’s common for terriers with a wire coat to be handstripped as is maintains their wiry top and their rich coat colour.  This isn’t a twice a year process, the coat needs to be rolled regularly to keep a tight, thick and protective coat.

Some spaniels can also be handstripped too.

Recommended every 6-8 weeks

Please call us to discuss your handstripping needs, an initial consultation is best!

Handstripping £45 per hour


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Banana Facial and Tear Stain Treatment £3

Gently removes dirt and staining with zero bleaches, dyes, parabens or alcohol….you’ll go banana’s for it!

Can be added on to any of our packages

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Purifying Charcoal Scrub £5

For face and body, is exfoliates the dead skin cells and helps to remove dead coat as well as drawing out toxins and pollution.

Can be added on to any of our packages

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Pawdicure £7

Our pawdicure is the perfect addition to any of our packages it includes a detoxifying paw soak and charcoal scrub that is rinsed out when they are in the tub. 

The pad and paw hair is then trimmed and tidied nails are clipped and filed and a nourishing and protecting paw balm is applied.

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Soothing Mud Bath £10

This unfragranced deshed mud bath is perfect for those dogs with sensitive skin who love to shed it out! By exfoliating the skin with mud packed full of natural minerals, this mud bath is sure to leave your dog soothed, silky and shiny! 

Recommended with our De-shed package and Bath and Brush

Happy Clients

Great place to get your dog groomed, they are super friendly and really help you and look after your dog so well.

Cody always looks and smells amazing when we pick him up.

I couldn’t ask for a better groomer for our fur baby, the ladies at The Dog House leicester treat her with great care and Cara loves them to bits, she gets so excited to see the girls and is never scared or anxious, a lot of which is down to the great puppy package they provide.

I couldn’t recommend this place enough… especially after they gave Cara such a great post lockdown groom 😍😍

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