Devoted to making your dog look AND feel great!

About Anna and Prim

Hi, I’m Anna!

If you’re looking for a dog groomer who is dedicated to ensuring your dog is happy and comfortable when they visit the grooming salon, then you’re in the right place!

Dog grooming is so much more than just delivering a gorgeous groom that makes your heart skip a beat. (We do this too!)

But it’s also about how your dog feels. And how you feel when you drop your best bud off and leave them in our care.

At The Dog House, we are devoted to making your dog look AND feel good.

Grooming your dog regularly means they look superb, but it also affects your dog’s comfort. When matts are formed, or skin is sensitive, your dog isn’t feeling their best.

And when your dog visits just once in a blue moon, the experience can be worrying for them.

A regular grooming routine helps your dog to enjoy the event, as it’s not painful, unfamiliar or scary.

Prim was terrified, and then the penny dropped​​

Prim German shepherd puppy

Prim is my German Shepherd, we rescued her from the Dog’s Trust at 16 weeks old. She had never been outside and had little exposure to the world when she came to us. She was a very nervous little bundle of floof (with massive ears).

On night one, she pooed in her crate. And she was covered in the stuff!

I had to bring her to the salon to get her cleaned up, and she was utterly terrified. It was a completely new environment.

She was contending with new smells, sounds, and feelings as she experienced grooming for the first time.

She was crying. I was crying. It was a traumatic experience for us both.

Once she was cleaned up and we’d both recovered from the ordeal, the penny dropped.

It’s so important that we recognise what an alien experience the first visit to the dog groomers can be for our dogs.

With Prim, we went back to basics and slowly introduced her to the salon experience and saw how we can make this work for our clients too. We returned to the salon, and Prim just had a sniff around and investigated the environment. On the second visit, she had a bath and a play. The third time we introduced the sound of the clippers and the dryers (just the sounds of the clippers, you don’t clip a German Shepherd’s coat). And on the fourth visit, she was able to have a full groom.

And it was after this that our puppy pamper package was born! Thank you, Prim!

Our puppy pamper package is all about introducing dogs to the grooming salon gently and gradually so that they can have a lifelong understanding that visiting the groomers is a safe experience.

I didn’t set out to be a dog groomer

I’ve been a dog groomer since 2016. It all began when my Patterdale Paddy needed regular hand-stripping. I decided to take a course so that I could learn how to do it myself.

And oh my, did I love it! 

I loved everything about dog grooming and couldn’t get enough. I did a trial day at the salon and went on to complete my training, and the rest is history, as they say! 

Although he is no longer with me, I owe him my entire career, rest easy my little old man

Paddy after his first hand strip dog groom
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Meet The Team

The Dog House has come on leaps and bounds since we first started in our salon at the local farm shop. We now have a super modern salon equipped with aircon and all the latest gear so we can offer a truly exceptional service to all our clients.

We’ve also grown quite the little team of dedicated and loving groomers!

We are all qualified in canine first aid, have years of training under our belts and continue to keep our knowledge and skills up to date with regular learning.

Hollie and Ernie

Meet Hollie – Our Salon Manager

Hollie is an expert in hand stripping and a very experienced dog groomer.

When she’s not grooming away in the salon, you’ll find her at Scentwork with her Italian Spinone Ernie or flying around the agility course with Italian Greyhound Renzo.

Laura and Nelson

Meet Laura

Laura is mum to the coolest cockapoo you’ll ever meet, Nelson.

She is a fantastic groomer and a much-loved part of the team. You’ll find her in the salon on Mondays and Tuesdays.


As we have grown over the last few year we have also seen some great success.

Numerous coverage in local press and national press including a 3 page Valentine’s Day Feature in Your Dog Magazine.

Coverage on local Rutland Radio, BBC Radio Leicester and ‘You’d be Barking Mad not to’ Podcast

Grooming on stage at Countryfile Live with Jules Hudson

Runners Up in the Rural Business Awards 19/20 for the Best Rural Start Up Midlands Category

Seeing our clients on Channel 4 after being part of the Heelwork to Music Display team

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Crufts The Dog House Leicester
Coutryfile Live The Dog House

Happy Clients

“THE BEST! Anna grooms all of our boys, and they look the best they ever have, and we’ve been to many many groomers in the past.

Anna’s first priority is always your dog, and she’s so loving and caring.”

“Super professional and honest. Our boys are getting used to going here now, and it’s not so scary anymore!

Thoroughly recommend.”

“The puppy pamper package was an excellent start to the grooming life for charlie!

He’s always happy to see the girls and smells amazing when he comes out. Now his six weeks is up, we will be visiting regularly.”

“My dog has never looked fancier! Wonderful service in a beautiful surrounding.

Amazing ladies, who made my Lab feel right at home, and she looked and smelt wonderful afterwards.”

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