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Can I stay with my dog whilst it’s being groomed?

Sometimes we do allow owners to stay with dogs IF (and big if) it’s of benefit to the dog and only then.  We tend to not let owners stay if it’s because they don’t want to leave their dog as their anxiety can be picked up on by the dog.  Be rest assured your dog is in safe hands!

Do you offer handstripping?

Yes, we do! 

We can offer handstripping for any breed, its best to come and see us for a consultation first so that we can meet you and your dog. 

Your first handstrip will usually be more expensive but once you’re in a regular routine and visit more often to get the coat rolled it will become less expensive.  (see our blog on handstripping)

Can I just visit you to get my dogs nails clipped?

I’m afraid we only offer nail clipping as part of the a full groom. 

We’re based at Kings Vets in Syston and if you need to your dogs nails doing it best to book an appointment with them (they’re really lovely!)

Do you do teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleaning is something that we’re no longer able to offer however you can add a fresh breath spray on your groom- see our add ons here.

What are your opening hours?

We’re open Monday and Tuesday 9am – 2.30, Wednesday 9.30 – 5.30 and Thursday and Friday 9am – 4pm (and Saturdays in the run up to Christmas)

Do you do walk-in appointments?

We are an appointment only salon and don’t accept walk-ins and can very rarely accommodate same day appointments.

Are you open at weekends?

Not a present, we do open on Saturdays during the run up to Christmas so keep your eye on our social media for these dates, they fill up extremely fast.

Ready to book a groom?

We are always happy to chat about your dog and answer all your questions.