Love your dog groomer day

18th September 2022

Love Your Dog Groomer Day is an awareness day that Selina and I came up with to celebrate Dog Groomers.

At present we are an unregulated industry, we’re also a huge and diverse industry.

From groomers with no qualifications but 20 or 30 years grooming experience to fully qualified groomers fresh out of college or grooming school with 0 years’ experience.

Some groomers groom alone at home, some travel to clients houses in a van or do in house grooming and others have salons, big and small.

Love Your Dog Groomer Day is to celebrate groomers from all walks of life and to appreciate their own individual talents and flair from Asian to creative, breed standard to hand strip specialist.

Each groomer is on their own journey, based on their love and adoration for dogs and every day as groomers we strive to build a better bond with dogs or improve in someway.  Deep down under all those years of experience or qualification, we’re still a brand new groomer looking for incremental improvements.

It’s also a day for owners to appreciate their groomer too!  2020 in all it’s lockdown glory showed many an owner that grooming dogs isn’t at easy as it seems and we don’t just ‘play with puppies all day’ (ok sometimes we do!).

Groomers rallied and put together videos, worksheets, online challenges to help their clients out.  Some owners also came to realise that their dogs can be cheeky little wriggle bums trying to be groomed and so developed a new appreciation for their groomer.

Keep an eye out for more information as we get closer to the event, ways in which groomers themselves can celebrate this day and also owners!


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Love your dog groomer day