Doggy Superfoods

July 03, 2018

Along side the raw meat its handy to feed some veg and fruit to bulk out the meals or as a healthy snack.  Here are some Vet approved Dog Superfoods that are bound to get those tails wagging!!

#1 Apples (without the seeds) This full-of-fibre food helps to clean your dogs teeth while he chomps and can even freshen their breath.

#2 Eggs (raw) Eggs are one of the best sources of highly digestible protein. They’re bursting with amino acids (the body’s building blocks) and rich in vitamins and nutrients that help the eyes, brain and heart. Eggs can also be a stomach soother for dogs who have lost their appetite.

#3 Bananas Bananas are great active, athletic dogs. The natural sugars metabolize quickly and provide an instant boost of energy – they’re also full of amino acids, electrolytes, vitamin C and potassium.

#4 Carrots This low calorie snack is high in beta-carotene which boosts night vision and helps protect eyes against cataracts. However, they are quite high in sugar so limit intake.

#5 Sweet Potatoes Rich in dietary fibre and naturally occurring sugars, containing antioxidants that help prevent cancer and fight the effects of aging.

#6 Kelp Kelp is a great source of sodium, calcium, vitamin A, folic acid and iodine. Its reported to improve energy, enhance the immune system and some researchers says it can help in weight loss.

#7 Sardines Sardines are nutritional powerhouses that are great for active dogs. Packed with vitamin B12, omega-3 oils, protein, vitamin D and more.

#8 Raw Local Honey When dogs eat raw, local honey, they ingest minute amounts of local pollen, which helps increase the body’s tolerance of it when exposed to larger amounts during allergy season.

#9 Broccoli Broccoli boost cancer-fighting powers, is rich in eye-protecting lutein and is an excellent source of potassium, fibre and calcium.

If you’re interested in buying raw food from us direct please give us a call on 07467 394567.

The Dog House was established in 2017 by Anna Pollard and Selina West.

After meeting via a training salon and a few tipsy nights out it seem that going into business together was inevitable!

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