T & C

Terms & Conditions

It is the owner’s responsibility to inform us of any changes to your dog’s health or temperament.   All data is confidential and will not be shared with any third party. 

Welfare – Your dog’s health, welfare and happiness is our primary concern.  A dog will only be groomed within its tolerance of the grooming procedure.   If your dog becomes fearful, aggressive or uncomfortable whilst grooming, we, The Dog House (Leicester) Ltd, reserves the right the end the groom or offer a work around which may incur further charges. If we uncover anything that you may not be aware of will inform you.  Although unlikely, accidents can happen during grooming.  Should anything happen during a groom, and we are unable to get hold of you in the first instance you authorise us to seek emergency veterinary treatment.  Please note if the groom is abandoned the full cost of the groom is still due. 

Fleas – Fleas are not welcome in this salon.  If you think your dog may have fleas, please advise us before prior to your appointment.  If fleas are found upon your dog an extra £10 will be charged towards sterilization and deep cleaning costs. 

Neglected and Matted Coats – If your dog’s coat is matted and requires a shave down, we will advise of the possible outcomes and the owner will sign a Shave Down Waiver, releasing The Dog House (Leicester) Ltd from any liability of the post grooming effects. 

We photograph and/or video every case of neglect brought into the salon for grooming, and we also save a sample of fur. We reserve the right to use these items as we deem appropriate. 

Normal Condition: It is assumed that you will bring your dog into the salon in Normal Condition. That is; that you groom your dog at home (right down to the skin) regularly between appointments, and that it you will present your dog at the salon in an unmatted and dry state. Any condition other than “Normal” will most probably take us longer to deal with and will therefore incur additional charges. 

Pricing – our prices are listed as starting from, this is for dogs who are well socialised to the grooming process and visit regularly according to the time scale advised.  The dogs coat must well maintained and regularly brushed in between grooms.  You can expect to pay more if your dog is any of the following: matted, poorly maintained, difficult to manage and uncooperative dogs, overweight or larger than breed standard.  A quote will be given on booking, but this can alter once the dog is assessed in person, this will be agreed on before the groom commences. 

Cancellations – we respectfully require 24 hours’ notice for cancellation of an appointment so that this slot can be resold.  Anything under 24 hours’ notice will require full payment. 

No shows – if you fail to show up for an appointment you will be sent an invoice that needs payment immediately.  You will also be asked to pay in full before your next appointment. 

Late collections – on arrival we will give you a collection time or we may have pre agreed a collection time for your dog.  Anything over 15 minutes late will be charged at £5 per half hour and your dog will be crated for this time. 

Groom feedback – we will give you feedback after each groom detailing what we have done and anything we recommend between grooms for coat maintenance.  We are always contactable for any help or advice you may require and are happy to help, however we can only make recommendations and we cannot offer any veterinary advice. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your groom please let us know whilst you are still in the salon so that we can alter with you present.  Reasonable adjustments will be noted for the next groom. 

Photographs – We may photograph or video your dog during its groom which may be used on our website or social media.  If you’d prefer for your dog not to be photographed, please let us know. 

Aggression/Dangerous Dogs Act – We reserve the right to refuse to groom any dog that displays signs of any type of aggression and is at risk of injuring itself or a member of staff.  If The Dog House (Leicester) Ltd have not been informed that a dog that bites or is aggressive the groom will be terminated immediately.  You will be asked to collect the dog.  The full price of the groom will be charged on collection.  Failed to disclose this information may result in refusal of further services. 

Anal Gland Expression and Ear Plucking – anal gland expression and ear plucking are deemed to be “veterinary procedures” by some vets and therefore under the Veterinary Surgeons Act we are now prevented from performing this service for you. 

Pregnant and ‘in season’ Dogs – we will not groom any pregnant dogs under any circumstances, if you think your dog may be pregnant, please inform us at the earliest convenience.  We don’t groom dogs ‘in season’, please let us know as soon as possible if your dog is in season otherwise you may incur late cancellation charges. 

Abandoned Dogs – Any dogs abandoned at The Dog House Leicester (Ltd) will be reported to the dog warden as we do not have the facilities to kennel your dog. 

We accept payment via cash or card 

We politely ask that all dogs have been walked and toileted before visiting our salon.  Time spent cleaning up after your dog affects the time we spend grooming your dog. 

If you are unsure of the tools to use for home grooming or how to do it please ask us and we’ll advise accordingly.